Ask Black Cat
Felicia Hardy, or Black Cat as I go by. Feel free to ask me anything, I'm usually eager after a good night out. I promise I won't make you chase me around. Well... Too much.
Who'd win in a clean fight? You? or The Black Cat?

Me. Of course.

I’ll shower before hand, I don’t give a—

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What guy who knows a guy? D:

This guy, and this guy.

You know somethin’? Huh? Do ya? 

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Where the hell is Black cat?

Yo. It’s me, Deadpool. Now, I’ve been asked by a guy I know by a guy he knows to find this bitch.

And since she isn’t here… Well, and you guys are. You’re gonna help me. Got it? Cough up the info or I’ll get ugly. 

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did you give up the answering questions thing?

[ Nope, I still have a back log I’m getting to. The only problem is work lately. I’m moving house! So saving is very hard. Amongst other personal reasons, I haven’t been able to update at all. Not only that but conventions took up a lot of my time and energy; and I’m currently rebuilding Cat as her wig is completely frayed at the bottom! And her mask is… Well. Not as good anymore.

Long story short, I’d like to return to this soon. I’m meeting Stan Lee in July as Black Cat, so I’d really like to get back into her shoes soon enough. ]

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hey babe, sry i dont have a tumblr that's why im coming off as anon but anywho, i live in dubai, will u accept if i sent u a ticket to spend ur summer or vacations here??

(( Ahahaha, what? ))

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London MCM was a success! Thanks for all those in the spiderman shoot!

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